Buying guide

Initial stages

Seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser to ascertain the price range you should be looking in and how much the mortgage payments are likely to be.


The more specific you are when registering will assist in only being introduced to properties that actually meet your criteria.

Property Search

Narrow your search to one or two suitable areas researching all the types of property available within your budget to see what represents good value for money.


Should you be interested in a property we would recommend viewing it more than once and at different times of the day as it will take on different characteristics and you will become more aware of the practical details.


We have a duty to inform Vendors of all offers. Make sure you clarify the basis of your offer in terms of what you expect to be included in the price or any conditions attached

Sale Agreed

Once agreed you need to simultaneously put in hand a mortgage application and employ the services of a solicitor to commence legal proceedings. We are linked to Independent Financial Advisers who can ensure that you aware of the latest schemes that have become available since you began looking. We can also provide conveyancing quotes upon request.


The Valuation on behalf of the mortgage lender is primarily to protect their investment and is not a survey that you should rely upon. We would always recommend an indepth survey to look for defects, probable cause and the likely cost of repair.

Mortgage Offer

Once the lender has assessed the risk of lending you money on your chosen property they will issue a formal mortgage offer usually within four weeks of submitting the application.


Your solicitor will initiate a number of searches on the property and raise a series of questions with the owner’s solicitors to clarify that there are no restrictions, liabilities or potentially detrimental influences that may prevent your enjoyment of the property or affect the resale of the property in the future.

Exchange of Contracts

Your solicitor will report to you with all the information they have obtained and the contracts for signature. In order to effect the exchange a completion date must be agreed and a deposit of 10% of the purchase price paid to make the deal contractually binding on all parties.


This is the day when you physically move, receive the keys and the balance of the purchase price is paid. The completion date is normally seven to twenty eight days after exchange.

Should you require more specific information feel free to contact us on 020 8766 6111 or 020 8778 1120.